Husan is a large and varied village close to Battir, in the Bethlehem governorate. It is also just 9km west of Bethlehem itself, which has a lot to offer visitors. The village is home to many different shops, mostly lining the main road, as well as an industrial zone, where the real work takes place.

In Arabic, ‘Husan’ means goodness and beauty, two qualities this village undoubtedly possesses in its simple yet beautiful architecture and leafy streets.

Population 5,511 (2007)

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What To Do

The large, striking Mosque dominates the village with its tower reaching way above the rooftops. Various remains can be found in the village, the oldest dating back to the Iron Age.

Husan is lucky to be close to many wonderful sites for visitors, such as those in Bethlehem, Battir and the surrounding area.

Where To Eat

There are small shops in the centre of Husan, where drinks and snacks can be purchased. For a variety of restaurants and cafes, however, head into Bethlehem itself, just 9km away, or neighbouring Beit Sahour.

Where To Stay

There is a range of hotels in the surrounding area for visitors to choose from, most located in either Bethlehem itself or Beit Sahour. Alternatively, Jerusalem is easily reached in less than an hour.