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The food of Palestine is a sumptuous array of vibrant and flavoursome dishes, sharing culinary traits with Middle Eastern and East Mediterranean regions. Nonetheless, Palestinian cuisine has its own unique identity, which stands out within the area and across the world.

Within Palestine there is a great diversity of food. Medleys that vary from season to season, street to home, city to village, coast to mainland and even north to south. Each governorate has its own specialities and secrets, priding themselves on their quality ingredients and individuality.

Within Galilee you will discover a region famous for its olives, pomegranates and freshwater fish. The West Bank boasts heavier dishes with lentils, meats  and traditional breads. The cuisine in Gaza is rich in seafood and spices but also celebrates mouth-watering skewered meats and chilli peppers. Palestinian sweet treats are world renowned, normally featuring pastries, sweetened cheeses, nuts and dates.

In spite of culinary nuances between regions there are still the same traditional and fundamental elements to Palestinian cooking such as olive oil, olives, beans, legumes, yogurt, seasonal vegetables and quality meat and fish. Meal times in Palestine are more than just about fuel and nutrition. Palestinian culture revolves around food, from day to day life to weddings and celebrations, food comes into every aspect. It’s about spending time with family and friends and making an event out of the ordinary.