Not to be confused with the neighbouring illegal Israeli settlement of the same name, Tekoa is a large Palestinian village located 10km southeast of Bethlehem. It belongs to the Arab al-Ta’amira village cluster together with Za’atara and Beit Ta’mir.

There are several shops to be found along the village’s main arteries for traffic. While the views from its lofty mountain perch are spectacular, especially as the sun is either rising or setting, lighting up the plains and mountains miraculously.

Population: 6,866 (2007)

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What To Do

Tekoa is 10km away from Bethlehem and the wonderful sites it has to offer, while the cone-shaped hill Herodium looms above the nearby village of Za’atara. Here the remains of Herod’s fortress can be explored. Otherwise, Tekoa itself is a charming place to stroll and enjoy the views, particularly as the sun is either rising or setting.

Where To Eat

There are several small shops, where snacks and cold drinks can be purchased. However, for a variety of restaurants and cafes head into Bethlehem, 10km away, neighbouring Beit Sahour or Jerusalem.

Where To Stay

There is a range of hotels in the surrounding area for visitors to choose from, most located in either Bethlehem itself or Beit Sahour. Alternatively, Jerusalem is just 12km away.