Wadi Fukin

Wadi Fukin is an agricultural village located 8km southwest of Bethlehem. As its name suggests – ‘wadi’ is Arabic for valley – Wadi Fukin is nestled in a lush valley at the foot of towering peaks. With the illegal Israeli settlements of Beitar Illit and Tzur Hadasa hemming the village in on either side, life has been tough as residents have seen resources strangled. Yet life goes on for the small, friendly community in Wadi Fukin.

Population: 1,168 (2007)

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What To Do

Wadi Fukin is close to many wonderful sites for visitors, such as those in Bethlehem, Battir and the surrounding area.

Where To Eat

For a variety of restaurants and cafes, however, head into Bethlehem itself, just 8km away, or neighbouring Beit Sahour.

Where To Stay

There is a range of hotels in the surrounding area for visitors to choose from, most located in either Bethlehem itself or Beit Sahour. Alternatively, Jerusalem is easily reached in less than an hour.