Beit Kahil

The entrance to Beit Kahil from Tarqumya is almost like stumbling across an ancient Incan citadel. Seconds away from the main road, a beautiful, semi-ruined, old stone farm with terraces and houses appears, nestled charmingly in the rich, green valley. The road then leads up the hill into the well-kept, healthy town of Beit Kahil, which is located just 7km northwest of Hebron. As Hebron is such a large city, Beit Kahil is very close to the neighbourhoods on its outskirts. But the difference is clear; Beit Kahil is much more relaxed, with pretty central avenues and a small cluster of shops.

Population: 6,526 (2007)

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What To Do

The spectacular farmstead nestled at the foot of the valley is an unmissable part of any trip through Beit Kahil. It is also close enough to Hebron to have all of the attractions there – historic old quarter, enormous mosque and bustling market – within easy reach.

Where To Eat

There are several shops in Beit Kahil where supplies can be stocked up. But for a proper meal out, either head 7km south to Hebron, in particular Ras al-Jora, or up north to Bethlehem, Beit Sahour, Beit Jala or even Jerusalem for a great variety.

Where To Stay

There are four hotels in Hebron, 7km away. Alternatively, in Bethlehem, Jerusalem and the surrounding area there is a much greater range of accommodation, catering to all needs.