Beit Ula

With a bustling town centre filled with a cacophony of shops vying for attention, Beit Ula is more than just a satellite town for the city of Hebron. Just 10km northwest of Hebron, the focal point of the southern West Bank, Beit Ula is a fairly large town with spacious residential areas spreading out from the lively centre. One particular neighbourhood, Um Alas, is a lively centre within its own right. Um Alas is an industrial hub with a contestant line of tractors flowing through its central streets.

Population: 10,885 (2007)

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What To Do

The busy centre of Beit Ula is bursting with shops with everything from carts piled high with sweets to fashion stores. There is also a pharmacy and other key facilities.

The lively and varied city of Hebron is the place to visit, with its historic old quarter and classic Palestinian market or ‘souq’.

Where To Eat

There are several shops in Beit Ula where supplies can be stocked up, and even small restaurants where traditional Palestinian fare – think shawarma, falafel etc – can be purchased for very affordable prices. But for a proper meal out, either head 1km south to Hebron or up north to Bethlehem, Beit Sahour, Beit Jala or even Jerusalem for a great variety.

Where To Stay

There are four hotels in Hebron, 10km away. Alternatively, in Bethlehem, Jerusalem and the surrounding area there is a much greater range of accommodation, catering to all needs.