With houses speckling the green hills rising out of a verdant valley, Kharas is a beautiful town to visit. Located just 12km northwest of Hebron, many workers live here and commute south daily. The town relies on agriculture to survive, but has faced severe problems due to the lack of water given to it by the nearby illegal Israeli settlements. An enormous water tank at the top of the town lies bone dry as residents struggle to survive on the little water they receive.

Yet still the town is growing, with the recent development of modern houses, including one known as ‘the castle’ which has been built by a wealthy American-Palestinian. There is also a Kharas Women’s Club, located in the striking municipality building, which organises regular events.

Population: 10,000 (2015 approximation)

What To Do

With large open spaces and an abundance of greenery, Kharas is one of the most laid back and attractive towns in the southern West Bank on first sight. Its beautiful main mosque is surrounded on all sides by fir trees.

The U.S. Aid billboard in the town centre declaring the construction of a water pipe as a ‘gift from the people of America’ is a bittersweet reminder of the situation. In fact, the ‘gift’ is entirely pointless as long as the illegal Israeli settlements stop adequate levels of water from entering the town, read more here.

Where To Eat

There are several shops in the town where supplies can be stocked up. But for a proper meal out, either head 12km south to Hebron or up north to Bethlehem, Beit Sahour, Beit Jala or even Jerusalem for a great variety.

Where To Stay

There are four hotels in Hebron. Alternatively, in Bethlehem, Jerusalem and the surrounding area there is a much greater range of accommodation, catering to all needs.