Shyoukh, palestine


Shyoukh is a village neighbouring Sa’if, although governed separately. It is a centre of stone production, which is used for constructing houses and other buildings. It is a relatively small and quiet place compared to the nearby city of Hebron, and it has made a concerted effort to grow and develop over the last decade.The Welcome sign in English at the village entrance is another sign that Shyoukh is far from stuck in the past, and is willing to make the most of what it has.

The Shyoukh Womens Club ( is an example of this, with the women of the town holding events, helping those in need and working towards empowering other females.

What To Do

The village of Shyoukh is a pleasant but quiet place, while its larger neighbour Sa’if is undoubtedly the leafiest and most attractive town in the area. The beautiful outskirts of the town are wonderful to stroll around, with large palms and grapevines providing shade. Sa’if should definitely be included on any tour of the southern West Bank, and it has the shops and restaurants to satisfy visitors’ needs.

Also, just 8km away from Shyoukh is the remarkable city of Hebron, a place which is haunted by decades of conflict and political tension but retains the energetic buzz of life.

Where To Eat

There are various restaurants in neighbouring Sa’if serving up delicious Palestinian food such as shawerma, falafel and the best hummus you’ll ever taste. But the Hebron neighbourhood of Ras al-Jora – 11km away – is the place to find a multitude of restaurants.

Where To Stay

In Hebron there are four proper hotels. Alternatively, there is a great range of accommodation in Bethlehem, Jerusalem or Ramallah.