Arabuna is a tiny village located in Jenin governorate in the northern West Bank. This small collection of houses is set against a backdrop of fir trees, with pomegranate and fig trees sprinkled throughout. 

Arabuna is exactly how a farming village should be, with incredibly friendly residents and chickens hurtling around every bend. Plus, the views across rolling countryside are delightful.

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What To Do

Nearby Jenin is a hive of activity with a lot for visitors to see. Burqin is also a beautiful spot, with its church claiming to be the third oldest in the world.

Where To Eat

Jenin is home to a range of sit-down restaurants, as well as some of the tastiest shawarma joints in Palestine.

Where To Stay

There are several hotels in Jenin, as well as a hostel which is popular with travellers called Cinema Jenin Guesthouse.