Jaba, Palestine


This Jaba lies just 8km southwest of the northern city of Jenin. Considering Jaba translates to ‘hill’, it is understandable that isn’t the only Jaba in Palestine. But what makes this large village memorable is its 200-year-old pottery factory, run by a father and his young son. Jaba is a traditional village, with donkeys waiting patiently at the side of streets or picking their way carefully between tractors and cars.

The older residential areas are bursting with character, while numerous olive trees provide shade for humans and donkeys alike. Situated on the slopes of Jabal Dabrun mountain, Jaba is administered by its own municipal council but residents enjoy the benefits of close proximity to the buzzing city of Jenin.

Population: 8,492 (2007)

What To Do

The family pottery workshop dating back more than 200 years is a fascinating glimpse at traditional Palestinian life, and an experience not to be missed. A 14-year-old boy (as of summer 2015) does much of the manual labour for his father’s business, producing mugs, pots, oil jugs, ash trays and much more. The ‘factory’ is in fact a hectic but cosy cave, piled high with their work. Visitors are invited in to see the entire pottery-making process before having the opportunity to purchase souvenirs at incredibly cheap prices.

The village itself is a historic, characterful place, with various shops dotted around the centre.

Just 8km to the north is Jenin, a vibrant and varied city with a lot to offer in terms of political and cultural tourism.

Where To Eat

There best place to eat is the city of Jenin, 8km to the North, which has both typical Palestinian fast food vendors and formal restaurants.

Where To Stay

To find a hotel, head to the cities of Jenin, Nablus and Tulkarem.