Jalbun, Palestine


Jalbun, 13km east of Jenin city, is blessed with the most attractive and interesting old town of any village in the governorate. Intriguing ruins of homes, arches and alleyways are speckled with new life in the form of lush pomegranate and fig trees.

The main mode of transport of the highly agricultural village appears to be tractor, while there are various shops and grocery stores lining the main street. You are also likely to spot the village’s older residents sat outside on chairs in this street during the summer season, playing card games and drinking tea.

Jalbun is also home to primary healthcare facilities that serve the nearby smaller villages.

Population: 2,493 (2006)

What To Do

Jenin, 13km away, is a buzzing city which is surprisingly big on culture and adventure. The nearby Burqin church is also a must-see for all visitors to the Jenin area, as it is brimming with historical significance and kept in arrestingly beautiful condition.

Where To Eat

Jenin is home to a range of sit-down restaurants, as well as some of the tastiest shawarma joints in Palestine.

Where To Stay

There are several hotels in Jenin, as well as a hostel which is popular with travellers called Cinema Jenin Guesthouse. Alternatively, head south to Ramallah, Bethlehem and Jerusalem for much more variety.