Atop a hill surrounded by farmland and forests, the village of Jalqamus certainly has a privileged location. With Jenin 10km to the north, Jalqamus is a small, agricultural village with an abundance of farm animals and crop fields.

There are also some interesting old buildings with their stone arches still intact at the edge of town, as well as the classic Arabic domed roofs.

Population: 1,867 (2006)

What To Do

Jenin, to the north, is a buzzing city which is surprisingly big on culture. The nearby Burqin church is also a must-see for all visitors to the Jenin area, as it claims to be the third oldest church in the world.

Where To Eat

Jenin is home to a range of sit-down restaurants, as well as some of the tastiest shawarma joints in Palestine.

Where To Stay

There are several hotels in Jenin, as well as a hostel which is popular with travellers called Cinema Jenin Guesthouse. Alternatively, head south to Ramallah, Bethlehem and Jerusalem for much more variety.