Judayda is a green and spacious village located 14km south of Jenin. The old historic buildings can be found in the village centre, with narrow alleys shooting off from the central square. Many of Judayda’s modern homes are painted in bright colours, as is quite common in Palestinian villages.

Population: 4,378 (2007)

What To Do

Judayda is within a short drive of buzzing Jenin, a city with much history and culture for visitors to enjoy. Another highlight in the region is Burqin and its famous church.

Where To Eat

Jenin is home to a range of sit-down restaurants, as well as some of the tastiest shawarma joints in Palestine.

Where To Stay

There are several hotels in Jenin, 14km away, as well as a hostel which is popular with travellers called Cinema Jenin Guesthouse.