Kafr Ra’i

Kafr Ra’i is a lively village in the northern West Bank, located 18km southwest of the city of Jenin. The bustling high street lined with various market stalls and shops contrasts the serenity of the beautiful Old Town. The village is kept in good condition, with palm trees lining the wide roads which weave through the residential areas.

Etymologically, Kafr Ra’I translates as the ‘village of the shepherds’, but there is much more than just sheep in the village these days. Around a quarter of the population are Palestinian refugees.

Population: 7,364 (2007)

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What To Do

The Old Town is the most scenic spot in the village, but the high street is deceptively busy for a place of this relative small size. Just 19km north is the vibrant and varied city of Jenin. There is an abundance of political and cultural tourism in this wonderful slice of Palestine, including the surrounding villages.

Where To Eat

Kafr Ra’i is home to one or two small restaurants which serve up the typical fresh falafel and hummus. For anything more extravagant, head 19km north to Jenin, or another city such as Tulkarem or Nablus to the south.

Where To Stay

Hotels can be found in Jenin, Nablus and the other big cities.