Silat Az Zahr, Palestine

Silat az-Zahr

The historic heart of Silat az-Zahr is as twisty and confusing as this bustling town’s name. But it is easy to spot from a distance, thanks to the spectacular mosque which rises out of it and towers over the rest of the town. Silat az-Zahr is an eclectic collection of buildings nestled on the edge of a lush, green valley, including one particularly outrageous hot pink house.

The lively high street is home to a variety of shops and fast food restaurants, as well as several barbers. This is certainly the town’s central hub. Located 14km southwest of Jenin, it comes under the city’s governorate and is home to the health care facilities for the surrounding villages. The town is regarded for its high quality of education, with five different schools and a large group of university graduates.

Population: 5,794 (2007)

What To Do

Visitors can be shown around the main, historic church in Silat az-Zahr by asking in the shop opposite. Otherwise, explore the unpredictable Old Town on foot and drink in the spectacular views stretching out over the lush valley.

Nearby Sebastiya is home to a spectacularly excavated Roman Town which is one of the first destinations when planning any trip of Palestine. Meanwhile, Nablus city is a place which cannot be ignored; with its lively, sensual market, beautiful convents and heritage sites.

Where To Eat

There are four restaurants in Sebastiya at the entrance to the Roman town and amphitheatre. Otherwise, head to Nablus for a greater range of less tourism-orientated dining options.

Where To Stay

The Sebastiya Guesthouse is an attractive, well-maintained spot in the heart of the village. There is also a range of places to stay in Nablus, 12km away, or in the cities further south including Ramallah and Bethlehem.