Located 20km west of Jenin in the northern tip of the West Bank, Yabad is a major agricultural hub for the region. Its busy central streets are lined with shops, banks and small restaurants, while the colourfully painted doors really bring the place to life. The town centre can feel crowded due to the fact the streets are very narrow.

Yabad is entered via an attractive stone archway, decorated in the Palestinian flag. The surrounding land is mostly covered in olive groves and grain fields.

Population: 13,640 (2007)

What To Do

Yabad is a busy, occasionally hectic, town which exudes a real sense of commerce and activity. For a city that is big on culture and very welcoming to visitors, head the 20km east to Jenin. Also, nearby Burqin is not to be missed.

Where To Eat

Typical Palestinian food (shawarma, falafel etc) can be found in abundance in Yabad. Jenin is home to a range of sit-down restaurants, as well as some of the tastiest shawarma joints in Palestine.

Where To Stay

There are several hotels in Jenin, as well as a hostel which is popular with travellers called Cinema Jenin Guesthouse. Hotels can also be found in all the major cities.