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Ash -Sheikh Sa'd palestine

Ash-Sheikh Sa’d

Ash-Sheikh Sa’d is a rural village located up a mountain, 6km southeast of Jerusalem. It is dominated by its checkpoint where workers can walk through a gap in the separation barrier into Jerusalem. It is walking only, and thus the surrounding roads get very clogged with parked cars.

Population: 2,406 (2006)

What To Do

The village of Ash-Sheikh Sa’d is a clear example of somewhere which has been badly affected by the separation wall, which cut workers off from their jobs and children off from their schools. With permits they can now enter through the walking gate, but there is still an eerie sense of oppression in the air. Nonetheless, Ash-Sheikh Sa’d continues to survive, with some new development springing up.

Where To Eat

There are shops selling cold drinks and snacks, but in the nearby bigger cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem there are plenty of dining options.

Where To Stay

The cities of Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Ramallah are all within reach, with a great range of accommodation on offer.