Rafat is a small village with an excellent historic core, located just 4km southwest of Ramallah although it is part of Jerusalem governorate.

The incredible old town is crying out to be renovated and into a proper tourist attraction. It has numerous old houses and buildings to explore, as well as rooftops to climb over and enjoy the views. The big, beautiful mosque takes pride of place in the centre of the village.

Population: 2,100 (2006)

What To Do

Nearby Ramallah city is the unrivalled cultural hub of Palestine, attracting many foreign nationals with its liberal party scene. There is much to see for tourists, within the city itself and in the surrounding area.

Jerusalem is also, of course, a mesmerising city which cannot be missed.

Where To Eat

There is a great range of restaurants in Ramallah, from traditional Palestinian eateries to the finest cuisine from across the world.

Where To Stay

There is a wide variety of accommodation options in Ramallah, as well as Bethlehem and Jerusalem.