Burqa, Palestine


Burqa is a colourful, leafy town located 18km north of the buzzing city of Nablus. Not to be confused with the Burqa in Ramallah governorate, this small town is distinctive due to its abundance of greenery. In particular, there is a great variety of trees on the main road through the town, while fir trees provide shade for some atmospheric historic old homes on the edge of town.

Burqa has a small cluster of shops located around its palm tree-studded central square. But no matter where you are in the town, whether it’s the eclectic Old Town or more modern residential streets, flowers and trees grow plentifully. The surrounding fields and forests add to the feeling that this is somewhere similar to Tolkein’s Shire.

Population: 4,030 (2006)

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What To Do

Burqa is a calm, leafy and attractive town to explore, and in its mazy Old Town visitors will find themselves eager to look down each side street and around each corner.

Nearby Sebastiya is home to a spectacularly excavated Roman Town which is one of the first destinations when planning any trip of Palestine.

Meanwhile, Nablus city is a place which cannot be ignored; with its lively, sensual market, beautiful convents and heritage sites.

Where To Eat

There are four restaurants in Sebastiya at the entrance to the Roman town and amphitheatre. Otherwise, head to Nablus for a greater range of less tourism-orientated dining options.

Where To Stay

The Sebastiya Guesthouse is an attractive, well-maintained spot in the heart of the village. There is also a range of places to stay in Nablus, 12km away, or in the cities further south including Ramallah and Bethlehem.