Einabus, Palestine


Einabus connects the towns of Huwara and Jamma’in, with the road between the two passing straight through it. But this village is also a happening place in its own right, with three secondary schools, a charity centre and two new mosques in addition to the old mosque. The village, governed by seven elected councillors, is just 12km south of the city of Nablus.

Population: 2,340 (2007)

What To Do

Industry is a large focus of Einabus, which has a series of shops on its high street including a pharmacy and a mini market.

It is a useful place to stop by, while en route to Jamma’in, which is home to a fantastic hidden gem in the shape of its delightfully restored old centre.

Where To Eat

There are shops where you can pick up cold drinks and snacks, but for a proper meal the best bet is Nablus city, which has lots of restaurants.

Where To Stay

Nablus, 12km away, has plenty of hotels, as does Ramallah to the south.