Funduk is the commercial and economic hub for surrounding Palestinian villages, and also illegal Israeli settlements. The settlers are welcome to shop at the various furniture and homeware stores lining the busy high street, with many signs in Hebrew as well as Arabic.

Funduk, which technically is part of the neighbouring village of Jinsafut, is located 17km southwest of Nablus. It is a fairly large and industrial zone, with an impressive pottery factory at the edge of town.

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What To Do

Funduk is a commercial centre for the area, and it is interesting to see both Israelis and Palestinians shopping side by side. There are no tourist attractions as such, but there is a pretty historic centre in neighbouring Jinsafut.

Nablus, 17km away, is a heaving city with a fascinating market quarter, as well as some beautiful churches and excellent archaeological sites. It is a must for any tour of Palestine.

As is the excavated Roman town at Sebastiya, while the Palestinian cities of Tulkarem and Qalqilya also have much to offer.

Where To Eat

There are fast food places serving up traditional Palestinian fare (shawerma, falafel, hummus etc) dotted throughout. Head to Nablus, 17km away, for a range of different restaurants. Alternatively, Tulkarem and Qalqilya are home to some of the best – and cheapest – traditional Palestinian eateries there are.

Where To Stay

There is a decent range of accommodation hotels in Nablus, but a much more expansive range further south in the more modern and lively Ramallah.