Abwein may appear to be a regular village on first inspection, but it is actually home to a fascinatingly restored old town and the spectacular remains of a palace. Located adjacent to Rawabi, Abwein is primarily agricultural 37km north of Ramallah. But its old town is a true gem, with excellent regeneration work turning the area into a living museum, with maps explaining what the various buildings were used for.

The best feature has to be Suhweil Palace, an Arab fortress which is in good enough shape to be able to explore all of its various rooms, from the kitchen to the main hall. The stone steps leading to the upper floors can also be traversed, allowing access to the rooftop and its wonderful vistas. It’s the kind of place that, if it were in Europe, would be decked out with car park, café, gift shop and various information boards.

Abwein itself is a pleasant, fairly green village with three mosques, the largest of which is called Farouq Mosque. There are three schools in the town, with a total of around 1,200 pupils.

Population: 3,119 (2007)

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What To Do

The restored old town of Abwein is a fascinating ‘living museum’ with lots of secrets waiting to be uncovered. While Suhweil Palace is an impressive monument, it is one which could be so much more with the same care that has been put into the old town.

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