Spread over a collection of small hills and surrounded by mountains, Ajjul is a small pocket of calm. But that all changes when you notice the enormous new city of Rawabi looming high on the mountain above. This juxtaposition of old and new, ancient and modern, tranquil and booming, is quite astounding, and reason enough in its own right, to visit Ajjul.

Population: 1,237 (2006)

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What To Do

The old part of the village features many luscious palm trees, dotted in and amongst a mixture of crumbling remains and modern houses. From here, Rawabi can be gazed up at, with its mighty apartment blocks dominating the skyline. It is a far cry from the tranquil mood in Ajjul, which is governed by a village council of just three members.

There are two archaeological sites – or khirbets – located east of the village. One is dedicated to a former Ajjul resident, Sheikh Abdul. There are several small shops for picking up supplies and cold drinks.

Where To Eat

Snacks can be purchased from the shops, but for a proper meal out there is nowhere better than nearby Ramallah.

Where To Stay

The thriving metropolitan city of Ramallah is 20km away, and in the near future various accommodation options will open up in Rawabi too.