The intimidating Israeli checkpoint at Atara bridge is the only way in and immediate evidence that this village has gone through some incredibly tough periods. But what lies within is a small, likeable village perched atop its own hill, with wonderful panoramic views in every direction. In fact, it is one of the highest villages in the entire West Bank; 15km north of Ramallah, Atara sits 810m above sea level. Eggs and olives are Atara’s primary agricultural exports, but the economy has been seriously strained allegedly due to nearby Israeli settlers harvesting the olive crop for their own.

Population: 2,270 (2007)

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What To Do

Wonderful views are Atara’s best feature, stretching as far as the Mediterranean Sea on a clear day.

The town is an interesting mixture of very old houses and new, colourful, quirky modern architecture. There is a smattering of small shops for picking up supplies.

There are two sanctuaries for saintly figures: The Sanctuary of I’mar is found within the village’s old mosque and the Sanctuary of Sheikh al-Qatrawani is found on the Dahrat Hamoud hill, about 1.5km south west of Atara.

Where To Eat

Snacks and drinks can be purchased in the town’s mini-markets, but for a proper meal out there is nowhere better than nearby Ramallah.

Where To Stay

The thriving metropolitan city of Ramallah is only 15km away.