Ein sinya Palestine

Ein Sinya

Ein Sinya is a pretty little village in the Ramallah governorate, with exquisite historic buildings and an abundance of fir trees. As indicated by its name, Ein Sinya is home to a freshwater spring – or ‘Ein’.

This is a real gem of a countryside village that has much to offer. The beautiful old stone houses are fronted by palm trees and navigated by enticing little alleys which wind through arches and down steps. Colourful arrangements of flowers bedeck many front gardens and the village is fringed by open fields.

At one end you will find the village school, which caters to Ein Sinya’s small youth population, whilst older students head to the city of Ramallah, which is only 10km to the south. Many people who work in Ramallah choose to live in Ein Sinya due to its close proximity.

The village is surrounded by olive groves and fig trees, growing in abundance in the fertile valley.

Population: 711 (2011)

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What To Do

Ein Sinya is a beautiful spot to explore in the Ramallah countryside, for anyone wanting to swap the big city for peace and tranquillity. The stone houses, steps and alleys are exquisitely preserved and inspire an almost childlike desire to explore.

Another beautiful, historic and slightly larger village is Jifna, just over a kilometre away. Its most famous landmark is the Roman church of St George, built in the 6th century CE, which although now largely ruined in places, is still a sight to behold.

Where To Eat

Ein Sinya is too small to have any dining options itself, but nearby Jifna has a surprising number of options serving up traditional Palestinian cuisine; hummus, falafel, shawarma etc.

10km away, Ramallah has more restaurants serving food from all over the world than you could shake a knife and fork at.

Where To Stay

The thriving, modern city of Ramallah is 10km away and has all manner of accommodation options to suit every traveller’s needs.