Jifna Palestine


Jifna is a beautiful, historic village nestled in the valley below Birzeit. Interestingly, around 90% of the current population are Christians, which has been the case ever since the 6th century CE. Jifna is home to the Roman church of St George, thought to be one of the oldest in the West Bank.

The village is just 8km north of Ramallah, making it easily reachable for an afternoon trip. Its proximity to the university town of Birzeit has also helped it prosper in recent years.

Population: 1,716 (2007)

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What To Do

The best way to explore Jifna’s ancient streets and architecture is on foot. Its most famous landmark is the Roman church of St George, built in the 6th century CE, which although now largely ruined in places, is still a sight to behold. The village is surrounded by olive groves, fig, walnut and apricot trees and grapevines, making for a scenic stroll when the sun isn’t beating too fiercely.

Where To Eat

Jifna is known for its apricot harvest during the late spring period, when hundreds travel to the village to help harvest the fruit.

In terms of restaurants, there are more dining options than you would expect for such a small village, this being due to its relative popularity as a tourist destination. Popular haunts include Al-Burj Restaurant, Red Valley Restaurant and Garden & Tabash Restaurant.

Where To Stay

The thriving metropolitan city of Ramallah is just 8km away.