nabi salih Palestine

Nabi Salih

Nabi Salih – also known as An Nabi Salih – is a small village, notable for the construction and development drive currently taking place there. It has been a place of conflict for decades, ever since the construction of the illegal Israeli settlement, Halamish, nearby, in 1977.

Population: 534 (2007)

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What To Do

The village appears to be, at last, moving forward, with the development of property by the firm Gulb Tabo. It will be interesting to see how the village evolves over the next few years, the architecture is currently varied and attractive.

Where To Eat

The thriving city of Ramallah, 20km away, is the place to go for food.

Where To Stay

The thriving city of Ramallah, 20km away, has a wide range of accommodation options.