Sinjil is a small village with a beautiful historic core, located 21km northeast of Ramallah. Perched on a hill and surrounded by fields of olive groves, Sinjil is home to old stone houses with domed roofs in various states of ruin. But there is also a modern centre, with a post office and a few shops.

The village is bordered by the wealthy town of Turmus Ayya, which is a favourite of American Palestinians who own big, luxurious villas.

Population: 5,236 (2006)

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What To Do

Ramallah, a short drive to the south, is the multicultural centre of Palestine, buzzing with culture and opportunity.

Where To Eat

There is a great range of restaurants in Ramallah, from traditional Palestinian eateries to the finest cuisine from across the world.

Where To Stay

There is a great range of accommodation options in Ramallah, as well as Bethlehem and Jerusalem.