Taybeh is the only all-Christian town in Palestine, famous for having its own brewery and Oktoberfest celebration. This small town, 12km northeast of Ramallah, is a popular day trip from the city due to its beautiful whitewashed homes, brewery and Byzantine church.

The Taybeh brewery, launched in 1994, is one of two in Palestine and as of 2014 now also produces its own wine. It is an excellent example of Palestinian entrepreneurship and succeeding in the face of adversity. Tours are available for visitors, with a free sample of course included, while the annual Oktoberfest celebration is becoming increasingly popular.

St George Church and the remains of a crusader castle are located to the east of town, in a privileged position with stunning views out across the rolling countryside. The town centre itself is one of the most beautiful in Palestine, with elegant, white homes reminiscent of a Spanish pueblo, and enticing stairways and alleys.

There are different Christian denominations within the town, with the Orthodox Patriarchal School serving over 250 pupils, and the Roman Catholic School over 400. There is also a Greek Orthodox School which was opened in 2012.

Population: 2,300 (2010)

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What To Do

Most visitors to Taybeh come for the brewery, but end up staying and exploring the charming town itself as well as the ruins at St George Church.

Oktoberfest is an extremely popular period for both Palestinians and foreign nationals to visit… for obvious reasons!

Where To Eat

There are several restaurants in Taybeh that require booking ahead, and if you visit the brewery for a tour, they will arrange your meal for you.

Where To Stay

Located in the heart of the town, Taybeh Golden Hotel offers spacious rooms, friendly service and a restaurant.