Umm Safa, Palestine

Umm Safa

Umm Safa is a very small village, with a couple of small shops selling basic groceries and cold drinks, in the centre. The houses and gardens are well kept, and it is clear that the residents take pride in their homes. Umm Safa is 20km north of Ramallah.

Population: 589 (1997)

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What To Do

The village may not offer any big tourist attractions, but it is a pleasant place with many trees growing out of the remains of old stone buildings.

Colourful plants adorn gardens and walls and tasteful images and graffiti have been daubed on the sides of buildings.

Where To Eat

The thriving city of Ramallah is 20km away.

Where To Stay

Again, the thriving city of Ramallah is 20km away.