Yabrud , Palestine


Yabrud is a village near Ramallah with a delightful Old Town and one particularly unique feature; a tree in the middle of the main road. The ancient Hackberry tree – which local estimates place at anything between 1,000 and 3,000 years old – was right in the middle of where workers wanted to build the village’s main road, so they simply worked around it.

About 15km north of Ramallah, Yabrud also boasts the exquisitely restored Abu Shiban courtyard, thanks to the great work of RIWAQ. The courtyard is now used as a community area.

The main street through the village overlooks fields of ancient olive trees which are believed to date back to Roman times.

Population: 800 (2015 estimate)

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What To Do

The hackberry tree cannot be missed, literally. It is so ancient, gnarled and knotted that you half expect Grandmother Willow to materialise as you inspect its bark.

While the beautiful Old Town spreading out from the restored Abu Shiban courtyard is also a treat to explore. It’s fair to say Yabrud has much more to offer than its small size would suggest.

Nearby are some of Palestine’s best tourist destinations in the shape of Taybeh, a beautiful Christian town famous for its brewery, and Ramallah, the thriving city just 7km away.

Where To Eat

Ramallah, 7km away, has an abundance of restaurants serving both Palestinian classics and food from all over the world, there is truly something to suit every need.

Where To Stay

The thriving, modern city of Ramallah is 7km away and has all manner of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s needs.