Biddya, Palestine


Biddya is a buzzing, larger village connected to the industrial hub of Mas-ha. Spread across hilltops, this is a green, pretty and well-kept place, 15km from Salfit. With all the necessary amenities, Biddya is a focal point for the surrounding villages.

Like its neighbours, Biddya has traditionally relied heavily on olives and olive oil as its main produce. The fact there are four mosques, four schools and three health clinics in the village shows this is a lively, happening spot.

Population: 8,951 (2012)

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What To Do

The high street offers everything from chaotic toy shops to classy clothing stores, and there are even some flashy cars for sale. It is well worth exploring the town and its brightly coloured buildings, for example the girls school is painted all over in a striking bright pink.

Where To Eat

There are restaurants selling the usual delicious Palestinian fare, such as falafel, chicken and shawarma. There are also shops selling cold drinks, baked treats and snacks.

Where To Stay

Nablus, 32km away, has a range of accommodation options.