Deir Balut, Palestine

Deir Balut

Deir Balut is a relatively large village, with an obvious industrial focus. Donkeys and tractors are almost as common a sight as people. The village comes under the Salfit governorate, and is 41km southwest of the large city of Nablus.

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What To Do

Deir Balut is surrounded by olive groves and boasts stunning, panoramic views. The rock-cut tombs to the south-west of the village and ruinous stone huts are evidence that this was once a place of great importance.

Where To Eat

There are one or two small shops in Deir Balut, but nearby Salfit is the place to go out for shawarma or falafel, while the cities of Ramallah and Nablus offer a great range of dining options.

Where To Stay

The best bet is Nablus, 41km away, or Ramallah.