Tayasir is an attractive village with some impressive historic buildings and a shiny new mosque. Located 3km northeast of Tubas, the governorate capital, it is essentially an agricultural village. In fact, agriculture accounts for about 80% of Tayasir’s active labour force.

There are various retail and grocery stores dotted throughout the village too, as well as one government-run health clinic. However, for most services residents travel to nearby Tubas. On the edge of Tayasir there is a rather picturesque site of crumbling stone houses which overlooks the valley below, where the slopes are speckled with green sprigs of cactus.

Population: 2,489 (2007)

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What To Do

Nablus, 22km south, is an exciting and entertaining city for tourists, while the restored old town in nearby Jamma’in is a real hidden gem. Tubas is much closer, and while a pleasant, interesting place, it is extremely quiet compared to Nablus.

Where To Eat

Food is available in Tubas, but there is a much wider range of restaurants and fast food joints in Nablus.

Where To Stay

Nablus has various hotels, but for a more diverse range of accommodation options head south to Ramallah, Bethlehem and Jerusalem.