The town of Attil is an agricultural hub in the eastern West Bank, about 12km northeast of Tulkarem. Famous for its olive and fig production among other crops, Attil acts as a connection between the city of Tulkarem and the smaller surrounding villages.

The urban part of town is hemmed in by a huge swathe of farmland on all sides, and beyond that are striking mountains including Nabhan, Aboora and Asad. In recent years, the town has put a lot of emphasis on educating its youth; there are now more classes and teachers. A lot of the older children head abroad to study.

Attil divides pleasantly into an old, historic part of town where you are likely to see old men sat outside their homes, drinking tea, eating grapes and playing card games and a more modern part of town where new homes and a range of shops are springing up.

Population: 9,038 (2007)

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What To Do

Attil’s older heart is a charismatic place to explore, and the old men sat outside their homes drinking tea are more than likely to offer you a cup.

Tulkarem,12km southwest, is a relatively small but bustling city with a welcoming vibe.

Where To Eat

There are small restaurants doling out typical Palestinian fare on the high street; think falafel and hummus. Otherwise head to Tulkarem, Jenin or another larger town.

Where To Stay

There are hotels in Jenin, Nablus and Palestine’s other main cities.