Bal’a is an incredibly scenic village sat in a lush green valley with colourful houses speckled over hill tops like hundreds and thousands. Located 9km northeast of Tulkarem in the northern West Bank, this remarkably beautiful town is surrounded by orchards of olives, figs, apricots and almonds. When the sun is out, the charming streets tend to be lined with people sat out in front of their homes raring for a friendly chat with passersby.

Agriculture is the primary source of income in Bal’a, with the town producing on average 10,000 tons of olive oil each year. Wheat and barley are also grown during the winter, whilst many families own hens, sheep, goats and cattle. Bal’a has six schools (two secondary, four primary) as well as three kindergartens.

Population: 6,604 (2007). 2015 estimates suggest over 10,000

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What To Do

Bal’a is a wonderfully attractive and scenic town to explore, with a bustling high street to match.

The nearby city of Tulkarem, 9km southwest, is an unexpectedly vibrant place.

Where To Eat

Traditional Palestinian fare can be gobbled up at extremely reasonable prices. Think mountains of hummus and falafel. There are also small shops in Bal’a for stocking up on essentials.

Where To Stay

Head to one of the cities for accommodation, with Tulkarem the closest at 9km, but Jenin, Nablus and Ramallah all bigger and with more to offer.