Beit Lid

Sat atop a hill and reached by a majestic road leading up a fertile, green valley, Beit Lid is a quirky, historic town. The main attraction for visitors is the so-called tourist village, built on the site of a Roman stone quarry in the heart of the Old Town. It is now an archaeological site, modern leisure centre and wedding venue all rolled into one. As well as the tourist village, Beit Lid is also home to one of the most delightful Old Towns in the Tulkarem governorate. There are shops selling local produce, fast food and household items dotted throughout the town’s mazy streets. Beit Lid has four schools, its own clinic and four mosques.

Located just a few kilometres southwest of Tulkarem, Beit Lid is a primarily agricultural town with olives, almonds, figs and grapes among the primary crops grown.

Population: 4994 (2007)

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What To Do

Beit Lid has a rather unique attraction in the form of its tourist village, which has seen a community leisure complex constructed on the site of an old Roman quarry. Many of the Roman structures have been preserved, and it is intriguing to see how the stone was once cut to then build homes in the surrounding villages. Information boards reveal some of the fascinating history behind the site and the workings of the quarry, including the remains of a Roman pool.

The tourist village is now also home to a community centre, a new large swimming pool and a lot of outdoor seating and umbrellas. It regularly hosts the town’s weddings. Outside of the tourist village, there is a delightful Old Town area complete with an exquisitely restored old mosque, originally built in 1362.

Nearby, Nablus and Tulkarem are two very different but excellent cities to explore.

Where To Eat

There is the usual supply of falafel and hummus, but not much more in the way of eating in Beit Lid. Instead, head to either Tulkarem for some delicious traditional Palestinian food, or to the larger Nablus, where all manner of restaurants can be found.

Where To Stay

There is a good range of accommodation hotels in Nablus, and even more so further south in Ramallah.