Kafr Rumman

Kafr Rumman is one of the greenest and most attractive villages in the Tulkarem governorate. Set atop a hill, wide stone paths lead through the village and open out onto incredible views at its fringes. Kafr Rumman is located 11km east of Tulkarem, where its residents head for shopping and business. This is a small village which depends largely on cultivation of the surrounding fields.

Population: 869

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What To Do

Don’t be put off by the dirty track to get there, Kafr Rumman is a delightful village and a joy to walk around. The almost fairytale-like stone paths navigate the village, arriving at old ruins of dome houses and flower-covered new homes.

Tulkarem, 11km away, is a surprisingly attractive city with a lively buzz.

Nablus, to the south, is a heaving city with a fascinating sheltered market, as well as some beautiful churches and excellent archaeological sites.

The excavated Roman town at Sebastiya is also not to be missed.

Where To Eat

There are several places to find a meal on nearby Anabta’s bustling high street, from fried chicken to the falafel vendor. But head to a city such as Tulkarem or Nablus for a greater range of restaurants.

Where To Stay

There is a decent range of accommodation hotels in Nablus and several up north in Jenin, but a much more expansive range further south in the more modern and lively Ramallah.