Tulkarem City, Palestine

Tulkarem City

Tulkarem is an often overlooked city which is surprisingly attractive. In fact, it is arguably the most stylish of all the West Bank governorate capitals. Located just 15km east of the Mediterranean, Tulkarem has benefited commercially from its central location over the centuries. It is now a vibrant place with pretty paved roads in the centre, while palm tree clusters provide residents with respite from the beating sun during the summer and there are also two rather spectacular water fountains.

The only governmental university in Palestine – the Palestinian Technical University – is located here, as are two campuses of An-Najah National University. The Tulkarem refugee camp has evolved into an eclectic mini-city of its own, and accounts for almost a sixth of residents.

Population: 61,941

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What To Do

Tulkarem is an exciting city to be in; each new street is surprisingly scenic and some of the architecture is very impressive. Although it is out of the way, it is definitely a city worth visiting.

The Tulkarem museum, located in the centre, is home to a number of artefacts from the Roman period onward, and helps shed light on Tulkarem’s rich and varied history.

Where To Eat

There are many excellent restaurants serving roasted chicken, delicious shawarma, fresh hummus and everything in between.

Where To Stay

The best bet for accommodation is to head north to Jenin, east to Nablus or south to Ramallah.