Zayta is a small town in the Tulkarem governorate, in the eastern West Bank. It is an attractive place with big, open streets lined with a multitude of small, quirky shops. There are old ruins peppered throughout the town and a large timber yard which employs many of Zayta’s residents. The central mosque boats an eye-catchingly beautiful dome while a picturesque landscape of undulating fields and forests stretches out in all directions away from the town.

Population: 2,582 (2007)

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What To Do

Zayta is an attractive town with many small shops. The city of Tulkarem, 11km northwest, is a lively and interesting place to visit, while still retaining a certain feeling of cosiness due to its relatively small size too.

Where To Eat

Head 11km to Tulkarem for all the delicious Palestinian food you can imagine.

Where To Stay

There are hotels in the cities, with the closest being Tulkarem, followed by Jenin and Nablus.