Logic feat Shadia Mansour – So Serious

Apo & the Apostles – Baji Wenek / باجي وينك Feat. Mai Mourad

Shadia Mansour FT. Omar Offendum – We have to change

Le Trio Joubran – Masar

Le Trio Joubran – Roubama

Helwa Ya Baladi – Dalida (Cover by Lina Sleibi) حلوة يا بلدي – لينا صليبي

Shadia Mansour Ft M1 (DEAD PREZ) – Al Kufiyyeh 3Arabeyyeh

Le Trio Joubran – Majâz

Checkpoint 303 – Rissala Min Qalandia

Lowkey Ft. Shadia Mansour – Too Much

Maher Zain ‘Palestine Will Be Free’

DAM ‘Who You R’ – Palestinian Rap Group

Palestine Youth Orchestra 2016

Ultras White Knights ‘Palestine – The Land is Arabian’

Rim Banna – A Time to Cry

Ana Tijoux – Somos Sur (Feat. Shadia Mansour

Apo & the Apostles – Lina / لينا

Sabyeh – Bil3aX 12 Richter Album

Majnoun مجنون – ElContainer الكونتينر

Palestine Youth Orchestra 2009

Roger Waters – ‘We Shall Overcome’ – Song for Palestine

“Symphony for Palestine” A Masterpiece by Kayhan Kalhor

Ramallah – Bil3aX رام الله – بالعكس

Fish Samak – In The Arms of Occupation – في حضن الاحتلال

DAM ‘Born Here’ – Palestinian Rap Group

Ambassador ‘Free Palestine’

Palestine Strings Performing Sagolandet Q

Mohammed Assaf – Arab Idol Celebrity in the London Barbican