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Foul Mudammas (Mashed Fava Beans)

This simple yet flavoursome dish is a breakfast staple in every Palestinian household. Packed with protein and energy this recipe really sets you up for the day ahead!

(recipe and image produced by Palestinian Food)


1 Can 440g Fava beans
Juice of 1 lemon (or as desired)
Raw minced garlic (as desired)
Olive oil (as desired) for dressing
1 Tsp of salt


Open the can, drain the liquid and wash the beans multiple times. Put the beans in a medium pot, and cover the beans with water, on medium heat. Leave it until the water boils. (This is optional since they are already cooked, but I feel it refreshes the beans).

Put the beans in a medium bowl. Start adding water (You can use the water, you used for boiling). With a fork mash the beans and add water slowly, until you reach the desired consistency (Mine is lightly mashed).

Mince some garlic. You can also add minced parsley, or green spicy pepper too. Add the lemon juice,and mix everything together.

Dress the beans with high quality olive oil.