Sfiha (Lamb & Herb Rolls)

Lamb, herbs and dough come together to create this super satisfying snack. If it is for a lunchtime treat or party aperitif; then look no further than savoury Sfiha.

(recipe and image produced by Palestinian Food)


Makes 15-20 Rolls
50g Flour
350ml water
500g Lamb mince
3 onions diced
40-50g Sumac
Olive oil


Make the dough by simply putting it in the kitchen aid and combining the water and flour together. You want a soft dough that is a little sticky but stays together.

Cut it into about 15-20 balls and lay it on a well oiled tray. And cover with clingfilm. This is just to let it rest. It will not rise.

In the meantime, make your filling by chopping 3 onions into cubes and frying them off. Add the mince and season.

Add the sumac and taste. Add salt and half a lemon. Mix well until everything is brown and the flavour is as you wish. It should have a slight peppery feel with a gorgeous ‘tang’ at the end. When it is ready, let it cool down.

Get your dough balls and flatten them out gently. Do not use flour. Use olive oil to stop it from sticking, and spread as much as you can. Once almost thin, fold one half over the next and fill with a little meat mix from top to bottom. Roll the dough to cover the meat and swirl around like a snail.

Place on baking sheet and do the same with the rest.

Cook in a hot oven at around 220 degrees for about 15 minutes, until they have browned slightly.